How to Create Your Own All-American Style

What does All-American style mean to you? For us at District® Clothing, it’s not just stars and stripes. Creating your own American style is as simple as taking timeless pieces and adding your own unique touch. Get started by adding these classic American staples to your wardrobe, from a raglan shirt to leather jackets and beyond!

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 9.25.12 PMJeans

Denim blue jeans are about as American as apple pie. Popularized by Levi Strauss & Co. in the late 1800s, jeans were originally made as work pants for the hard laboring, blue-collar factory workers that built our country’s products and infrastructure. Fast forward a few decades, and you can see the iconic rebels of the 1950s wearing jeans with leather jackets to create the classic greaser look. Ever since then, jeans have been a fashion staple not only in the U.S., but around the world.

Plain White Tee

Just like jeans and leather jackets, the iconic American look of the 50s also included a basic, plain white tee, like District’s® Sublimate Tee®. Sure, it may be one of the colors of old glory, but there is something else that makes the plain white tee so classic. Americans are all about individuality, and our Sublimate Tee® is the perfect canvas to create your own unique design!

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 9.27.59 PMBaseball Tee

They don’t call it America’s Pastime for nothing. Baseball is as American as fireworks on the Fourth of July. Although pro teams may not wear them, the two-toned raglan shirt is instantly associated with the sport.

Leather Jacket

From James Dean to Elvis, Fonzie and Michael Jackson, the leather jacket has not only survived the last half a century, but always managed to keep its coolness intact. Today, anyone can embrace their inner rock star or idol with their very own leather jacket. These jackets come in many variations, from studded, cropped fashion pieces, to vintage looking bomber jackets.

Dirty red sneaker isolated.Classic Sneakers

You can’t go wrong with a classic pair of Converse sneakers. The iconic shoe has donned the feet of American basketball players and rock stars alike. Their timeless design makes them instantly recognizable, just like the star that is often seen on a pair of high tops. They’re comfortable, fashionable and look just as good with a pair of jeans and a raglan shirt as they do with a wedding dress!


So, we know we said that an all-American style is more than just stars and stripes. But we can’t deny the importance of stripes in American fashion! Don’t believe the naysayers that claim stripes are unflattering. Whether big and bold, or , stripes—especially those of the red and white variety—will always be associated with summer, sea, and the USA.

Create your own All-American style with classic fashion basics, including the ever-popular raglan shirt, white and striped tee, and everything else you could need, all from District® Clothing!