From Daytime Casual to the Nightlife: How Plain Shirts Can Work For Both

Think District® Clothing’s plain shirts are just for daytime casualwear? Think again! Check out the following outfit ideas and easy ways to transition them from day to night!

Black V-Neck Tee + Colored Ankle Pants

  • Day: Plain blazer + Flats + Delicate chain necklace
  • Night: Flowy patterned cardigan + Heels + Bold statement necklace

This day look is perfect for the office. Classic black, plain shirts can look professional paired with dress pants and a blazer. The light necklace and flats complete the look by adding style without too much going on. For night, go for a fun flowy cover up, heels, and your favorite statement necklace to really show off your personality and style!


Colored T Shirt + Black Blazer

  • Day: Jeans + Tote bag
  • Night: Skirt + Clutch

We envision these as Saturday outfits. A blazer can amp up the style on plain shirts perfect for daytime shopping, along with a go-to tote bag. Easily transition into a date night or night out with friends by switching to your favorite party skirt and clutch filled with only the necessities.

White Tee + Denim Skirt

  • Day: Cardigan
  • Night: Tights + No cardigan

Whether you work or go to school, odds are modesty is the best policy when in a professional or working environment. Plus, offices and classrooms can be somewhat drafty, so wearing a pair of tights and a classic cardigan during the day is probably a good way to go. But once you’re ready for some free time, let loose by losing the sweater for a fun, casual look.

Scoop Neck Tee + Skinny Jeans

  • Day: Military vest + Flat boots
  • Night: Leather jacket + Heeled booties

This one is all about the outerwear and the footwear. Some ladies can spend an entire day walking in heels, but for the rest of us, we suggest going for tall brown boots with a flat heel to pair with an on-trend military vest. Swap the vest for a cool leather jacket and the boots for cute heeled booties and you are ready for wherever the night takes you!

love military cap

Grey V-Neck Tee + Boyfriend Jeans

Headwear can transform your look just as much as jewelry and handbags. We love the edgy vibe our military hats provide. A plain shirt and go-to hoodie makes for a cool, laid-back daytime outfit. Easily switch it up for the evening by adding a headband, whether it’s sparkly, floral, or anything in between, along with a cardigan in place of your sweatshirt.