Extreme Heather Tees

There’s nothing more comfortable and versatile than a great heathered t-shirt. They have all the great functionality of a basic t-shirt, but the heathered color adds a little extra polish, helping you to look your best at all times. If you’re in search of great heathered tees, look no further. We know you already know this, but we’ll remind you anyway: anytime you’re in search of your next favorite t-shirt, District® is the first place you should look. So get ready for ultimate comfort in our Extreme Heather Tees!

Top 3 Reasons Why You Need to Get Extreme:


What makes District’s heathered tees so special? These are a few of the best reasons to add the Extreme Heather Tee to your wardrobe this fall:

1) Our super soft heather fabric comes in an array of lighter colors to brighten up your fall look. From bold aquamarine to soft berry and versatile magnet gray, the colors of our men’s and women’s heathered tees add a splash of visual intrigue to your outfit without any extra effort on your part.

2) A variety of styles feel great under a staple hoodie or sweatshirt like our Concert Fleece. When cooler weather strikes, it’s important to layer up. Whether you love a v-neck or a crew neck, the ultimate comfort of the Extreme Heather Tee’s soft fabric makes it the perfect base layer underneath your favorite sweatshirt.

3) The Extreme Heather Tee pairs perfectly with denim to up your cool factor. The Extreme Heather Tee and your favorite jeans come together to make the easiest head-turning outfit you’ll ever put together.

Top 3 Ways to Wear Extreme Heather


Like all of our District® favs, the Extreme Heather Tee is as versatile as it is comfortable. The number of different ways you can wear it is limited only by your imagination. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

1) The classic early fall look: We can’t emphasize enough how great these heathered tees look with a great pair of dark jeans. But for a great fall look, don’t stop there. The heathered fabric looks great with a light, flowing scarf over it. Just add your favorite fall boots and you’re ready to go.

2) Business casual: Who says you can’t wear a t-shirt to the office? Put the Extreme Heather Tee over your favorite skirt or slacks, then top with a cardigan for a relaxed but professional look that will keep you comfortable all day at the office.

3) Keep it simple: When you’re settling in for a long night of Netflix, this soft fabric goes just as well with leggings or sweatpants as it does with jeans and slacks. No accessories needed, just tuck in and chill out.

At District®, you’ll always be able to find a t-shirt to suit every mood and preference. Shop our wide selection from heathered tees to basic crews and find out just how comfortable exceptional style can be!