Fall Trend: Liven Things up with Printed Pants

This Autumn, it’s time to liberate your legs and have a little fun! Pants have long been subordinate to tops—forced to stay neutral to compliment the more complex styles of shirts and blouses. But the rules are being flipped on their head this season. Amazing printed pants of all kinds are taking the lead. This trend isn’t limited to a single type of print, either. It’s all about self expression. Flowers, feathers, animals, architecture—whatever your fashion whimsy, you can probably find a print to mach it!

How do you wear these printed pants? With swagger, of course! It’s also important to remember to keep your top fairly neutral when you wear these fabulous pants. They work great with simple, stylish tees and tops, which makes them a perfect fit for District! If possible, choose a color for your top that exists somewhere in the print of the pants.

Looking for some inspiration? Here’s some great ideas from Style Me Grasie.