Finding the Perfect Tees for West Coast Fashion

If you’ve never been to the West Coast, odds are you have an image of 24/7 swimwear and sunglasses in your head when it comes to fashion. Unless you’re  a professional surfer, West Coast fashion means so much more than beach friendly summer looks. To put a West Coast spin on your own wardrobe, the secret is in the tee. Choose the right style and color t-shirts to turn your everyday style into something positively Pacific.

full zip hoodie


Despite common belief, the West Coast is not always sunny and warm. Depending on where you are, the weather and temperatures can vary greatly throughout even one single day. Because of this, layering is key for any smart West Coaster. Instead of bringing a stiff jacket or bulky coat, opt for cool and casual hoodies, like District’s® Core Fleece Full-Zip Hoodie, layered over plain white tees (we suggest our easy breezy Sublimate Tee®).

camo print tee

Camo Print

Camo may not be the first print that comes to mind when you think of West Coast fashion. However, it has become a popular print to add a little edge to just about any kind of outfit. Just like West Coast style, camo is youthful, fun, and funky. District’s® Perfect Weight™ Camo Crew Tee comes in two versatile color options. Not a fan of camo? Play with other options like stripes, tribal prints, graphic tees, and even florals.


Comfortable Fit

Lose the stiff and structured East Coast style and lay back into the carefree comfort of West Coast fashion. Look for light and soft fabrics that fit a little looser, like District® Clothing’s Men’s Perfect Blend® Crew Tee.

contrast sleeves and pocket tee

Unique & Laid Back

From technology to entertainment, the West Coast has always stood for individuality and innovation. Always keeping things fresh and young is key for a West Coast lifestyle, and a West Coast closet. Unique and laid back looks embody this philosophy and tees like our  Young Mens Very Important Tee® with Contrast Sleeves and Pocket will help you show your individuality and forget about impressing everyone else.

V-neck Tee

Bright Colors

This is one cliche that rings true! East Coast fashion is often bogged down by neutrals and subdued colors. Perhaps the easiest way to inject a little West Coast energy into your closet is by adding a pop of color. Ease into it with bold reds and blues or go full Cali with eye-catching, modern neons. District’s® The Concert Tee™ V-Neck has some amazing color options that will instantly give your look a West Coast edge.

Find your inner West Coaster with one of the variety of tees from District® Clothing!