Pair Your Super Soft T-Shirt with Neon Accents

Neon is king, and if you are an athlete or love EDM music, you know how very true this is. If you think a simple jeans and t-shirt look is less than exciting, think again! It is so easy to add items to this standard look that can take it to the next level. Not only does District® Clothing specialize in super soft t-shirts, but we also have a variety of neon clothing and accessories.

Pump up your wardrobe by pairing these bright and colorful items from District® Clothing with the ultra soft Concert Tee™:

Slouch Beanie

Quite possibly our most laid back hat, the Slouch Beanie just emits cool. Not only is it appropriate headwear in the winter, you can also wear it with a super soft t-shirt and jeans all year round. Available in three neon color options including blue, orange, and yellow, the Slouch Beanie is the perfect way to add the coolest touch of neon possible to any look.

slouch beanie

Flat Bill Snapback Trucker Cap

If beanies aren’t your style, or if you are just looking for another neon headwear option, try our Trucker Cap on for size. This old school favorite features a plastic snapback closure and iconic foam front and mesh back. An instant favorite, this cap looks great paired with a super soft t-shirt, jeans, and hoodie. The District® Flat Bill Snapback Trucker Cap comes in three neon color options: pink, orange, and yellow.

flat bill snapback trucker cap

Retro Backpack

Clothes aren’t the only fashion items that can make a statement. Fun and functional bags can be as much a part of your look as anything else you’re wearing. Our Retro Backpack is a new twist on an old favorite. Use it for school, work, or play with its front zipper pocket, interior pocket, and media port, so you can carry your favorite tunes with you wherever you go. Grab our classic backpack in neon green, neon orange, and neon pink, or even electric purple.

retro backpack

The Concert Fleece™ Full-Zip Hoodie

One of our all time favorite outfits is the basic, classic look of a super soft t-shirt, jeans, and a hoodie. We love our fashion basics and believe in creating unique looks that are all you with just the quality building blocks available at District® Clothing. Our Concert Fleece™ Full-Zip Hoodie offers warmth and style and comes in both neon yellow and neon orange color options to really make you stand out and make a bold statement. How great does it look paired with our soft crew-neck Concert Tee™?

the concert fleece full-zip hoodie

From hats to backpacks and even comfortable hoodies, District® Clothing has all the neon accents you need to create a super cool look. Get your neon on with our fashion basics and accessories today!