Perfectly Preppy: Dress Up Your Crew Neck T-Shirt

We’ve all been there: you look into your closet and see the same outfits you’ve worn countless times before. However, sometimes it’s not that you need new clothes; you’ve got to rethink the clothes you already have. It takes an open mind to delve into your wardrobe, armed and ready to rework your outfits into something you’ve never combined. Some articles of clothing that you keep on those hangers in the back can be quite versatile, and have just the amount of oomph that you need in order to get new outfit inspiration.

DT2400_redgravel_model_frontA piece of clothing with an unlimited amount of potential is the classic crew neck t-shirt. You’ve worn it dozens of times and although you don’t want to replace it with something new, you know that it needs a little something extra to bring it out its timeless style.

Try turning your favorite District® Clothing tee into a preppy go-to by adding these pieces to your look:


We are living in the age of the modern, casual blazer. No longer reserved for pant or skirt suits, blazers and jackets come in a variety of styles, from cropped to boyfriend, and in a variety of colors, fabrics, and embellishments. Opting for a blazer instead of a fleece jacket or a sweatshirt amps up your fashion street cred and creates a polished, preppy look, especially when its worn over a crew neck t-shirt and jeans.

Statement Necklace

One of the biggest jewelry trends right now is donning the bright, bold statement necklaces. Based on the name alone, you really don’t need to add too much to these eye-catching pieces. Layering one of these necklaces over your favorite crew neck t-shirt creates a stylishly effortless look.


Anyone can wear a t-shirt with a pair of pants. Take it to the next level by ditching the trousers and going with a skirt instead. This simple switch instantly dresses up even the most casual looking tee you have and puts a fun twist on what you already have in your wardrobe.

Any type of skirt can work depending on the setting, including pencils, circles, midis, and maxis. Play around with the skirts you already have in your closet to create brand new looks that are all your own! You never know what other inspirations you’ll run into when trying things on!


When you think preppy, usually images of private school uniforms and collared shirts come to mind. Easily recreate this look by adding a collar to your basic crew neck t-shirt. This can be achieved by actually layering a collared shirt underneath or faking it with a snap on collar or necklace.

Floral Scarf

Scarves are an easy way to create a dressy look out of casual clothing. To dress up a plain crew neck t-shirt, try adding a floral scarf. There are also a ton of fun ways to tie your scarf, depending on its shape and size. A little research can provide dozens of unique looks each time you wear your scarf, so max out its versatility!