Pullovers Vs. Zip-ups: Which is Best for What?

To zip up or pull over? This is great sweatshirt debate. You may prefer one over the other, but sometimes it’s hard to know which one is best. District® Clothing is here to clear a few things up with some ideas for when and where to wear zip-up or pullover sweatshirts!

Zip-up Sweatshirts

black hoodie white zipper


At District® Clothing, we love layers! Zip-up sweatshirts and hoodies look great layered over and under other clothing items. From leather jackets to blazers, having a hood peeking out from the back gives your look a bit of an edge, and gives you some added warmth as well!

Showing Off

As the weather gets colder, your favorite tee shirt may be hard to wear without another layer on top. Wearing it with a unzipped sweatshirt gives you the chance to show it off, whether you’re supporting your favorite team or band shirt you designed yourself!

Working Out

If you love the gym, you know wearing warm clothing can really help you work up a sweat. Zip-up hoodies are great for looking cool while getting your sweat on! They’re also easier to remove if the heat is overbearing. The zipper can act as a thermostat because you’re able to leave it open, partially zipped, or fully zipped.


young mens applique hooded sweatshirt


Whether it’s a DIY project or professionally done, if you’re planning on customizing your sweatshirt, pullover sweatshirts are the easiest, safest bet. You won’t have to worry about any pesky zippers or other details getting in the way of your design or working around them. Logos and names look clean and complete on both the front and back.

Maximum Warmth

Pullover sweatshirts tend to seem warmer than their zippered counterparts, perhaps because of the neckline and hood’s closeness. District’s® Concert Fleece™ Hoodie featuring a 7.8-ounce, 50/50 cotton/poly blend will surely keep you warm all year round!


long sleeve drawcord waistband fleece wide neck

There is something so satisfying about throwing on your sweats after a long day of work or school and lounging around the house. Having a night in by yourself or with friends, binge-watching your favorite show and ordering in can be just as fun as a night out! Pullover sweatshirts are all about comfort, so throw yours on and cuddle up!

Be sure to browse District® Clothing’s entire collection of both zip-up and pullover sweatshirts at districtclothing.com!