California pyscho-pop band White Arrows burst onto the scene in 2011 with their hit single, ‘Get Gone.’ Since then, they have been touring and opening for the likes of The Neighbourhood, The Naked and Famous and Santigold. We sat down with lead singer Mickey Church to hear how they created their newest album, ‘In Bardo,’ their signature sound and what keeps them creative.

DC: When did White Arrows start performing? How did you come together?

WA: We started about 4 years ago. It began after I (Mickey) wrote some songs in New York. A friend of mine put them online and they got some immediate attention unexpectedly, and even though I never thought about being in a band, I thought I should try. I moved back to LA and formed the band with friends and started performing the songs and writing new songs, mostly with Andrew.

DC: How would you describe your music?

WA: I prefer hearing other people’s ideas of what they think our music sounds like.

DC: Who are some of the biggest influences on your music?

WA: All kinds of artists, both musical and visual. Love a lot of Motown, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Werner Herzog films, Van Morrison…

DC: What was the process behind making your newest album ‘In Bardo’?

WA: This was our first time working with a proper producer in a proper studio. We still wrote the songs the same way, which is in the studio. Andrew and I work together on a lot of the stuff and write a lot like producers write with sounds in mind and in a session, then build on that. This time around, we got to bring these ideas to Jimmy, who had his own ideas for the songs, so it was really nice having a fresh perspective to put everything together.

DC: What’s your favorite place to visit on tour?

WA: I always have the best time in Atlanta. Always meet cool people, and do cool and weird things.

DC: T-shirt or Long Sleeve woven?

WA: T-Shirt.

DC: Beanie or Baseball Hat?

WA: Depends on the occasion.

DC: What keeps you creative?

WA: My brain that won’t turn off ever!

DC: What’s next for White Arrows?

WA: Lots of touring, and writing. We are about to leave for a US headlining tour, and hopefully once our album comes out in other countries, we will make our way over and back.