Tee Shirts vs. Tank Tops: When to Wear Which

flat bill trucker hatsA tee or a tank, what’ll it be? Some clothing items, like swimsuits and winter coats, need no explanation. But when it comes to basic, versatile pieces like tee shirts and tank tops, there are so many possibilities, it can sometimes seem overwhelming.

So for all you fashion rookies, or anyone looking for new ideas about when, where, and how to wear your favorite basics, look no further! District Clothing has you covered with answers to one of the greatest debates in style: tee or tank?

Tee Shirt

Work and School

Whether you have a dress code or not, it’s probably safe to say that tees are more appropriate at your job or in class. Tanks often give off a carefree vibe, which you definitely don’t want to portray when you’re meant to be working and learning!

tri-blend scoop teesFall and Spring

The weather in the spring and fall can often change drastically from one day to another. Tee shirts are a solid choice for any mild weather outfit.


If you’re in a situation where layers are necessary, it’s a good idea to start with a tee. It’s the most basic clothing item and will probably fare better as a layering piece than a tank top would. Feel free to wear your favorite tee with a jacket, sweatshirt, or more layers!

Sporting Events

Whether you’re a diehard sports fan or just a casual spectator, tee shirts are the best way to show your pride, whether you have one with your team’s logo or just a plain shirt in their colors.

Tank Top

Pool or Beach Cover-up

Nothing is worse than getting your clothes soaking wet at the beach or pool because you forget to bring an appropriate cover-up! Tanks are the best for throwing over your suit and still looking the part!

Sunny Days

young couple wearing tank tops from district clothing

Let’s face it, nobody likes a farmer’s tan (even farmers!) Be sure you avoid two-toned arms on warm, sunny days by opting for tank tops instead of tee shirts. Don’t forget to stay safe in the sun by wearing sunscreen on exposed skin.

Working Out

Whether you’re running, playing sports, or taking a fitness class, tanks are your best option for any kind of physical activity. Your range of motion increases and your body will be able to breathe more. Plus, you won’t be worried about rolling up your sleeves, and you will look ready to sweat!


This is an easy one! Of all the seasons, summer is the best time of year to wear tanks. They keep you feeling and looking cool and look great with everything from jeans to shorts, flip flops to sneakers, and everything in between!