TV Show Fashion Looks

Fall brings a lot of change along with it, but one of our favorite things about the season is that we get to watch brand new episodes of our favorite TV shows! Season finales often include major cliffhangers, and we can’t wait when the premieres come along to catch up with our favorite characters and discover solutions to unanswered questions from last year.

Premiere dates can be more than just a night alone on your couch. If you’re a truly dedicated fan, invite some friends over for a themed party dedicated to your favorite show! Eat food like they do on the show, decorate your house to look like the sets, and most importantly, dress up like your favorite characters with our fun collection of tanks, t shirts, and more! Inspired by our favorite leading ladies, we’ve incorporated some of our popular District® clothing items to come up with a few creative costume ideas.

The Big Bang Theory

One of the most popular sitcoms on television features two very different styles, showcased by two main female characters. Penny is the struggling blonde actress/girl next store and Amy is the nerdy scientist who’s constantly vying for Sheldon’s heart!

Cotton swing tank

The Mindy Project

This show’s title character has been through plenty of heartache over the past two seasons. But one thing Mindy never fails on is her fashion sense! Aside from our trendy t shirts, we carry plenty of collared necklines, sweaters, and skirts, making it easier than ever to replicate Mindy’s signature look. Here are the basics you’ll need:

Strappy Dress

Modern Family

How can you not love this show? With so many unique and hilarious characters, it always has us smiling. The ladies of Modern Family each have their own unique style, as well. Some of them sport tight and flirty t shirts, while others opt for casual, even nerdy attire! Try out these casual looks at your Modern Family party!

Crew Tee


In addition to sporting stylish t shirts, Olivia Pope has been seen wearing structured suits in white or neutral tones. It’s hard not to recognize her polished, D.C. fashion sense. Try this Olivia inspired look, featuring our crisp, white Sublimate tee.

Cotton blend scarf

Vampire Diaries

Some members of the vampire fad have come and gone, but the Vampire Diaries are still going strong! With a dedicated fanbase, this drama-filled fantasy show is slightly irresistible, as is Elena’s memorable red and black fashion:

Spaghetti strap tank

Recreate the trends worn by your favorite actresses with these creative costume ideas.  For more inspiration, check out our online store today to view our extensive selection of tees, tanks, hoodies and more!