Varsity Tee

If you love clothes that show off your sporty spirit, get in the style game with District’s Varsity Tee! This stylish t-shirt features striped sleeve accents. We especially love the ultra-lightweight Microburn® panels that add textured color and soft comfort. Our women’s varsity tee is available in nine different color combos, so you can choose one that represents a team you care about, or just pick a color you love. Here are some of our favorite classic and creative ways to wear the varsity tee.

black and nickel varsity tee

The Classic

The most iconic way to wear a football stripe tee is to embrace its sporty style. Wear your women’s varsity tee over jeans and accessorize with a distressed cap in a matching color and your favorite sneakers. You get bonus points for wearing flashy, retro style hi-top sneakers. Topped off with a sporty jacket if it’s cold out, it’s the perfect outfit to wear under the Friday night lights, or to any other favorite sporting event to cheer on the team.

Glam It Up

Creating a look full of contrasts and clashes is always a fashion-forward way to go, and there are endless opportunities to do it by pairing the sporty look of a women’s varsity tee with flirty, feminine style. For example, wear the tee with denim, put on sky-high heels, and don sparkling jewelry. Or, pair it with an ultra-girly mini featuring luxe layers of ballet pink chiffon or all-over sequins. Another look that works for a football tee is tucking it into a pencil skirt with a clutch, and knee-high boots. With a short skirt, try over-the-knee boots or leg warmers.

sporty women’s tee

Oversized Glam

While our varsity tee is designed to be worn true to fit, the oversized look has long been popular for this style of shirt. This style comes together simply, with skinny jeans, shorts, or a mini-skirt and an extra-large varsity tee. Alternatively, you can wear a close-fit varsity shirt with oversized palazzo pants, sneakers, and a crossbody bag for an edgy-casual weekend outfit.

Fun with Layers

A women’s varsity tee is as effortless a piece of clothing as any other t-shirt, but with a little extra style. Like any t-shirt, you can have fun layering to keep warm on chilly days. The varsity tee adds a little extra pop when worn over leggings with an oversized scarf and a chunky cardigan or jacket. It’s a perfect look for relaxing on the weekend.

No matter how you choose the wear it, a women’s varsity tee from District® will be an instant winner in your wardrobe. Like all of our basics, it can be worn many different ways, making it a must-have addition to any girl’s closet. And if you like our varsity tee, check out our online store to find more tees, tanks, sweatshirts, and other key clothing items that will have you looking and feeling amazing.