A Wardrobe of Color

We all  learned back in our elementary school science class about light and the color. With a clear prism, we can instantly turn white light into a rainbow,revealing all the colors of the spectrum. You also probably learned that tried and true acronym, Roy G. Biv, that helped you remember the seven colors of the rainbow.

At District® Clothing, we believe in self expression. Th is why so many of our items come in a wide variety of colors– so that you can pick the one that best matches you. With all of our color options, we thought we would put together an entire basics wardrobe using all the colors of the rainbow! From red caps to green hoodies, to Find out which item we chose for your favorite color in the list below:


Sun Bleached and Distressed Cap in Red

The color of Apples and America, it’s only fitting that red is the A in the alphabet of the rainbow. Red is classic and a symbol of courage.


Retro Backpack in Neon Orange

Immediately following red in the spectrum is its goofy little brother orange. For some reason, orange is often considered a bold choice when it comes to fashion. We love it when it’s neon, especially in our Retro Backpack!


Perfect Weight® Crew Tee in Yellow

Yellow surely has its extremes. It’s the color of the sun and many of our favorite flowers. But when something has “yellowed,” it’s usually considered a bad thing. Different variations of yellow can be attention grabbers in fashion, especially when paired with other bold colors.


The Concert Fleece™ Hoodie in Forest Green

There isn’t a color that is as natural as green. Trees, grass, plants, and even some bodies of water boast various shades of green. We think a green hoodie may quite possibly be the best hoodie color choice because it goes with just about everything!

Blue Tee

Cotton Ringer/Swing Tank in Aquamarine

There are so many shades of blue that we see every day, from the sky to the ocean and beyond. In the spectrum of colors, true blue is more of what we would normally refer to as a light blue or aqua. This color would look great with a green hoodie or jacket!


Cotton Blend Scarf in Deep Royal

Often a forgotten color, there is much debate as to the true nature of indigo. Halfway between blue and violet on the spectrum, indigo can often be translated as a deep blue with a hint of purple. Indigo is well known in the fashion community as the dye used in denim!


Flannel Plaid Boxer & Pants in Purple

Perhaps more commonly known as purple, although the two colors technically differ. Violet has traditionally been the color of royalty, so you know you’ll be looking high and mighty in your violet-hued lounge bottoms!

Green hoodies, indigo scarves, orange backpacks, oh my! Try this fashion challenge: wear all these items at once for a truly honor the spectrum!